U8 Shooting Drills

Drill #1: 1-on-1 Drill

 – You will need a ball and to set up a “goal” of some kind… either and actual soccer goal or two cones/markers/etc.

Procedure – You will place the ball out from the goal about 10 yards or so. One player will line up on one side of the goal and a second player will line up on the other.  On go, both players will run for the ball. Whoever gets there first will be the attacker and the other the defender.  The attacker will try to score and the defender will try to keep the attacker from scoring. have players switch each turn

 – Add a goalie to work on more precise shooting as well as goalkeeping

Courtesy of: http://www.soccerplayingguide.com/soccer-shooting-drills.html



Drill #2: Pass and Shoot Drill

– Pass and shoot is set up with 1 line 25 yards out, and 1 player 20 yards out from goal.
– Avoid having more then 4 players in line, so either set up 2 lines to alternate shots more efficiently (not shooting at same time) or have a secondary drill occurring at the same time.

– Player 1 passes to player 2 who is the target player to lay off the pass.
– Player 2 passes back on an angle to player 1 who is running towards the area the pass will be directed towards.
– Player 1 shoots on the 1st touch towards goal.
– Player 2 spins off and circles towards the goal for a rebound.
– Player 1 becomes target player, player 2 retrieves shot ball and returns to line.

– Passes should be firm and accurate.
– Pass to target player should be towards foot on the side where the ball will be laid off (pass to left foot if ball being laid off with left foot for a right footed shot, right foot pass leads to a left footed shot).
– Shots should be on target.
– Shots should be well placed, more accuracy and less power.
– Most often shots should be low towards back post, this is hardest for a goalie and can lead to more rebound opportunities.

– Use 2 lines alternating.
– Add a passive defender to the target player, this should force the passes to the correct foot to increase accuracy.
– Have target player vary the service (chip ball into the air for a volley, pick up ball and softly throw to shooters thigh/chest to bring down with 1 touch and shoot quickly with 2nd touch.

Total time estimated:
– 10 minutes for this pass and shoot drill.

Courtesy of: http://www.soccerplayingguide.com/soccer-shooting-drills.html



Drills #3: Target Player Drill

– This target player drill is set up with one player slightly outside of the 18 yard box, and the other players 10 yards further from the goal.

– Player with the ball passes to the striker, who turns to the right or left with their 1st touch, turning quickly and shooting with their 2nd touch.
– Shooting player should retrieve the ball after the shot, and return to the end of the line.

– Player should turn using the outside of their right/left foot.
– Player should be well balanced, knees slightly bent to allow for a balanced turn.
– Shot should generally be low towards the far post. This is difficult for the goalie, and any rebound is put out directly in front of the goal area.
– Remember, encourage successes!

– Add a passive defender.
– Allow defender to defend normally.

Total time estimated:
– 7-10 minutes for teaching Targeting the defender.

Courtesy of: http://www.soccerplayingguide.com/soccer-shooting-drills.html


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